Another QR code generator
posted 2020.09.22 by Ellie Brown, contributor
Ellie Brown was kind enough to send this over, so I am publishing it for your use. It's not really suitable for the use-case in stockd, but it does make a nice downloadable QR-code. Below, you will find a sample image that links to here.
/s clark

Hello there ,

I was using the QR generator you mentioned on your page here: using-qr-codes-in-stockd-v1.4.

I really enjoyed working with in the past, but I recently found a new one that is more visually appealing, has a lot of customization options, and is totally free:

It allows you to create your own personalized QR code (you can choose the color, add a frame and even add the logo of your company and/or social networks), which I think is awesome.

I believe that it would be a great addition to your page, I'm sure your readers will appreciate it.

In hope I helped back,